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Must-Have Elements That Make A Successful Video Script

During the past decade, video has proven itself time and again as one of the most effective ways an organisation has to tell its story and promote its unique selling points.

The right blend of compelling imagery and spoken words created using high quality video production techniques can make the difference between getting noticed and getting scrolled straight past!

Whether you’re planning to create a corporate video production, an attention-grabbing animation to promote a product or service on social media, or a video testimonial to inspire confidence in your brand, there are a few key elements you should always consider when developing a super impactful script. 

Video Production Inside a House

An engaging intro

Don’t miss the opportunity to hook your audience in early, with a thumb-stopping intro that’s impossible to scroll past! Ways to achieve this might include opening with a question, a fascinating and attention-grabbing fact that relates back to your product or service, or a familiar problem that your target audience might currently be experiencing … and ultimately, a problem that your organisation has the tools or expertise to help solve!

If you go for the latter option, this provides a definite, tried and tested structure for your video to follow i.e. presenting a problem, focusing on what might happen if that problem is left unaddressed, and telling the audience how you can solve said problem! 

Emergency Service Members Outside

High quality and impactful visuals

This may seem like an obvious one, considering we’re specifically discussing video content! However, it’s important that you give close consideration to the types of visuals that are going to work, not only in terms of being appropriate for your brand, but also that will appeal to your target audience. Your script should be formulated to hinge around these visuals, the two elements together effectively turning your message into a well-told story.

Remember the golden rule of video is ‘show don’t tell’ … this means your visuals are equally as important as the spoken, scripted elements, if not more so! 

Video Footage - Couple Eating At A Restaurant

Clear consideration of how you want your audience to feel

When developing your script, it’s worth taking some time to ask yourself what emotions or feelings you’re hoping to inspire in the viewer.

Do you want them to feel sad? This could be an effective tactic for a charitable organisation seeking support for a cause close to people’s hearts. 

Do you want them to feel inspired? This could be a consideration for an educational institution with the goal of encouraging enrolments by potential new students.

Do you want them to feel hungry? If you’re launching a delicious new food product, this clearly wouldn’t be a bad strategy!

Knowing how you want your audience to feel will impact everything from the chosen visuals to the scenarios depicted, the music, who you choose as your interview-ees, and lots more. 

Filming Ambulance Worker Outside In A Park

The right tone, appropriate to your brand identity and audience

Although you should always strive for video content to be somewhat conversational, you will probably aim to strike a different tone if you’re, say, communicating with staff about serious business issues via a corporate film, than if you’re talking to a Gen-Z audience via a 30-second video on social media.

The former would probably demand a more formal tone, while the latter would likely require a more up-beat, energetic, colloquial approach. All the while, keep in mind your brand voice and make sure you remain true to it! 

Well-written and snappy scripted elements

In many cases, the visual aspects of your content are likely to be complemented and tied together using scripted elements, usually delivered by an engaging spokesperson through voiceover or pieces-to-camera.

Simple language – taking care to explain any complex terms or jargon – is a must if you’re going to ensure the messages you’re striving to communicate resonate properly with the viewer.

Make sure to keep the style of the chosen spokesperson in mind when developing their elements of the script. For instance, if it’s a celebrity ambassador you might opt for more informal language, while if it’s a company executive you’ll likely want to stick with a more formal tone. 

A clear message and call to action

A successful video will ensure your audience knows exactly what you want them to do next. Going back to the strategy outlined earlier in this article – focusing on presenting a problem and then explaining how you can help to solve it – will help make sure you are being explicit about whatever action the audience needs to take.

Is video marketing something that’s already embedded in your marketing strategy, or something you’re looking to explore for the first time?

If you believe video projects are or could be an important means of getting your brand’s key messages in front of the right audience in a meaningful and impactful way, it’s time to give WeMOV a call!

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