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Top 7 reasons to hire a video production company & give your online marketing a boost!

Are you considering introducing video content to your digital marketing activities, or adopting this ever-popular communications medium as a bigger focus of your communications strategy?

If the answer is ‘maybe’, here are some pretty compelling stats that just might help convert that tentative response into an ‘absolutely, yes, definitely, where do I sign up?!’ …

It’s been predicted that in 2021 consumers are spending 100 minutes per day watching online videos.

Meanwhile, 59 percent of adult Australians used smartphones to watch digital video content during 2020-21 according to Statista.

And video can be incredibly convincing, with 84 percent of people claiming to have been persuaded to buy a product or service through a brand’s video.

With these impressive figures in mind, it’s little wonder that video content continues to solidify its status as an essential pillar of any successful online marketing campaign. More and more businesses (86 percent, in fact!) are choosing to take their lead from today’s most successful online marketers by incorporating video content into their strategies. Are you (or will you be) one of them?

Put simply, video is one of the strongest tools any business has at its disposal to help tell its story and create meaningful engagement with existing and potential customers.

Hire a video producer

There’s a myriad of reasons why your business should consider creating high quality videos as a branding and marketing tool, and hiring an expert production company to help you achieve an end result that will be polished, professional and visually-impressive …

Video Production Marketing


A fresh pair of eyes

The problem many businesses encounter when developing ways of telling their own story is that internal people are far too close to the subject matter. After all, you live and breathe it every day. You know what you do, inside and out. Consequently it can be tricky to communicate all of this externally, in a way that your audience will understand and respond to in the right way.

Hiring a video production company will give you a fresh pair of eyes that will essentially approach it from the perspective of the viewer, rather than the business. This valuable external perspective is often what’s needed to truly nail the best key messages to tell the audience exactly what you need them to know, and in a way they will truly comprehend.


Understanding how to best achieve your objectives

 In addition to helping distil the right key messages to suit your target audience, a video production company can expertly take those messages and use them to blend the perfect mix of audio and visuals in crafting the best possible video. This approach will not only articulate the story of your business in the most effective way, but will also help to achieve your objective in making it. 

In all cases, there will be a very definite reason behind your decision to create any video content. You’re highly unlikely to be doing it ‘just for the sake of it’, and will no doubt know how you want the audience to feel, or what you want them to do after watching it.

So, whether it’s to tell the world about a shiny new product or service, drive sales, inspire donations, attract registrations for an event, or teach the viewer something new, knowing the video’s purpose is absolutely key. A video production company will possess the right skills and expertise to help decide what approach will be most effective, and what storytelling techniques should be incorporated.


Technical expertise for a high-quality finish

As mentioned above, the right combination of compelling imagery and scripted words, seamlessly brought together with technical expertise will ensure your video content stands apart from the crowd in a positive way. Afterall, in the eyes of the viewer a professional piece of content often equals a professional company that knows what it’s doing!   

There’s a lot to video production if you’re going to get results that will position you as a leading business. You therefore need an experienced video production team that knows how to develop and manage things like … 

  • project timelines
  • storyboards
  • call sheets
  • shot lists
  • crew schedules
  • OH&S reports
  • style frames
  • and so much more that you haven’t even thought of!


Animation capabilities

Of course, videos often work so well because they feature real people and their personal stories, offering a human interest element the viewer can relate to. 

An equally effective alternative, however, is to incorporate animation. Whether it’s telling an entertaining story by using animated characters, explaining complex topics or breathing life into an infographic by animating certain elements, this technique can provide an impactful means of communicating your message. 

In particular, animating your infographics will lift dry subject matter, and visually demonstrate impressive data in a way that can be appreciated ‘at a glance’.

Check out some of WeMOV’s impressive animation work by clicking here.


Talent, knowledge and connections

More often than not some sort of spokesperson is needed to add their voice to a video. This is sometimes essential to provide additional context to the visuals. This can take the form of a ‘talking head’ delivering a ‘piece-to-camera’, a scripted voiceover, or even actors playing out a scenario.

In any case, you’ll need to decide what sort of ‘talent’ is most appropriate to deliver your message. Sometimes, you can look internally. You might divert straight to the MD or CEO if you need somebody to speak from an authoritative perspective. Maybe you’ll recruit a ‘front line’ worker to share their first-hand experiences. Alternatively, you may go for a celebrity ambassador for a more light-hearted approach, or a scientific expert for credibility.

Outside of this, in the interests of getting the most professional end result you might decide you need a helping hand from professional voice-over artists or actors. Video production companies are used to working with this kind of talent. They will be able to tap into their existing networks to source the best and most appropriate faces and voices, and will be able to manage them in a way that will get the best out of them.


Timeline management

There are likely to be a number of key dates or deadlines relating to the production of your video. For example, is there a physical event planned for a certain date that needs to be filmed as part of the process? Is your ‘talent’ only available at specific times? And does your final video need to be completed and ready for presentation by a hard deadline?

A video production company has the advantage of knowing exactly what’s involved in all aspects of the creative process, as well as how long various elements are likely to take. This means they can take on the stress and hassle, so you don’t have to! 

Your video producer will manage timelines in such a way that everything will happen exactly when it needs to, in order to get the result you need, when you need it. And, importantly, they will stay across the various elements to ensure everything remains on budget!

If you’re keen to use video content to enhance your online marketing endeavours in the most impactful way, WeMOV’s creative and strategic video production experts can help ensure a highly professional result that will get you the outcome you need. 

We’re considered one of the best at corporate video production Melbourne has to offer. You can check out some of our work by clicking here!

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