who we are

WeMOV is an accomplished, tight-knit video production team of producers, copywriters, photographers, cinematographers, editors and animation experts.

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Rach Moors-Chantry / Head of Production

Rach is smallest of the managers but loudest in office singing. She’s often found with bulldog, Carlos and a wine.

Gabby Stanway / Assistant Producer

Gabby helps make sure a shoot runs nice and easygoing, which are also two words to describe her.

Harry Aronsten / Director / Senior Editor

Besides editing epic videos and directing on-set, Harry is also WeMOV's computer doctor that keeps the machines fit and healthy.

Chris Patchell / Drone Pilot

Chris captures things from the sky using the aerial perspective. He is known for talking a lot and smiling at everything.

Paul Sutherland / Senior Editor

Paul creates stories. His wisdom, work ethic and joie de vivre serve as a constant source of inspiration to his fellow editors.

Dael Matyas / Motion Graphics

Dael makes cool things and moves them around on screen. He enjoys coffee, Street Fighter & talking movies with other animators.

Monroe / Head of Puplick Relations

Monroe is a show stopper who demands attention from all that enter a room. Marilyn who?

Jon Stevens / Graphic Designer

Jon is the resident scribbler/colouring-in person. He likes all things design, football, hip hop music and cooking.

Peanut / Mental Health Consultant

Peanut is an offsite mental health sustainability consultant.

Phil Krynski / Business Development Manager

Phil is someone who thinks outside the box, has the drive to get things moving and is a person who inspires and entertains.

Adam Groves / Director of Photography

Adam’s job at WeMOV is to press the record button on the camera. He is recognised as the coolest employee at WeMOV.

Mei Teo / Motion Graphics

Mei designs things and makes them move. She loves reading, art, and taking long naps.

Josh Drever / Executive Creative Director

Josh is the baldest person at WeMOV. His bald head is actually a solar panel for the ideas factory in his brain.

You here / This could be you

Jin Tommo / Camera Operator

If his head isn’t in a bowl of ramen after a busking session, it's being a shape shifter for WeMOV, put him anywhere.

Gus Kennedy / Director of Photography, Sydney

Gus films for WeMOV from Sydney's sunny northern beaches. He's known to wander with many cameras hanging off all available limb.

Geoff Billingham / Senior Editor

Geoff is known as WeMOV’s no. 1 employee, not necessarily because he’s the best employee... because he was the first of many.

James Birrell / Post-Production Manager

James is the most important person at WeMOV, and the most attractive. His dedication to handling client feedback is world-class.

Garth Stone / Managing Director

Garth has been with WeMOV since day one. His job involves schmoozing clients and making sure the good vibes are set to max.

Elle Sutherland / Senior Producer

Elle knows a few things about a lot of things. How to pronounce her name, not so much.

Toby / WeMOV Mascot

Jess Gleeson / People & Strategy

Ace / Director of Cuddles

Specialises in office ball sports and managing the daily cuddle count.

Lola / Chief Sleep Officer

Alex Stojkovski / Motion Graphics

Sitting in a corner of the Animation room is Alex, one of our official cartoon-picture-moving people.

Carlos / Head of Staff Distraction

Enjoys chewing anything and strutting his stuff around Richmond.

Dan Hall / Camera Operator

Dan, wielding his camera is a time catcher. Capturing moments for others to gaze upon later.

Louis Haines / Motion Graphics

Louis helps your ideas come to life through animation. With a background in Graphic Design, he loves being creative.