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Video Production Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
WeMOV stands for We Make Online Videos—and that’s exactly what we do everyday for our clients Australia-wide. We’re an award-winning video production company that uses the power of video to help organisations tell their unique story and build future-proof relationships with their customers.

We’ll even help you have a little fun along the way.

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Take a look around WeMOV’s creative hub in South Melbourne! Jin from the production team takes us on a tour to show off Melbourne’s one-stop shop for videography, animation and photography. Did someone say white cyclorama, green screen, podcast studio and sound booth? Wow! Now that’s a full-service studio.

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The customer experience is important to us. If you’re having fun, we’re having fun. It’s that simple.

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At WeMOV, we help simplify the video production process. Our video production team are ready and waiting to help get your project going!

You’ll get crisp, clean, engaging content that tells your story and helps deliver your message to the right audience.

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Profile Videos

Win new followers, cement existing loyalties, and raise your online presence with a personality-filled profile video that highlights your company's beliefs, direction and offers. These live-action videos are shot on-location by one of WeMOV's experienced mobile film crews, who will guide you through our simple interview process. Whether you’re promoting a business, product or project, these videos are a great way to establish your position and point of difference with your market and target audience.

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Animation Videos

Animations help you generate, engage, convert and retain customers. And not to toot our own horn, but WeMOV are the experts at making premium 100% custom animated videos. We take your products, ideas, services, and we turn them into compelling narratives that evoke emotion and capture attention. We offer a full variety of animation styles and aesthetics to suit your business. So donʼt settle for a video that’s slow, awkward and tedious—make it fun. Wow your audience with dazzling animation, and boost your profile with a truly unique video packed full of your branding and flair.

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Corporate Videos

Communicating internally within an organisation, or pushing a message out about your company to a broader audience, can be difficult without effective and engaging corporate video content. Live-action and animated video content is an incredible asset to ensuring your corporate message reaches your target audience. At We Make Online Videos, we’ve helped brands and businesses face challenges, tell stories, inspire audiences, change behaviours, solve problems, connect people, launch products, embed change, build relationships, harness passions, encourage trial, celebrate madly, deliver objectives and more.

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Advertising Videos

Video is one of the most successful forms of advertising, and it’s quickly becoming the way of the future. In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s critical to find new, unique ways to make your product or service stand out from the crowd. Advertising videos are a vital and influential part of your marketing strategy. It’s not just for the big brands who can create 15 & 30-second video ads these days. At WeMOV, we simplify the process and help you create high-end, affordable and professional video advertisements without all the fuss.

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Training Videos

Training videos are now a part of our everyday life, so when there's critical information that you need to convey, it's essential to ensure that your audience is kept engaged. WeMOV helps you demystify the training process, with videos that are designed to be updated, and stand the test of time. Whether you require an on-screen presenter, or filming a training event and utilising PowerPoint or slideshow material, our team can cover any range of information you need to convey. Creating training videos is one of the most effective ways to develop your team, both in terms of cost and engagement.

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Additional Services

At WeMOV, we offer full-service video agency solutions. As well as all things video production, we can help you and your clients with live-streaming, photography, graphic design, podcasting & studio-hire. WeMOV's Melbourne HQ boasts premium in-house studio facilities, with a 10x10M White Cyclorama and 5x5M Green Screen. So give us a call to explore your creative needs or visit our Melbourne studio and check out our fantastic new facilities.

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Our Proven, 3-Step Video Production Roadmap

Step 1.
Tell Us Your Vision

Get in touch with us and have a quick chat. We’ll get to understand your vision, what you’re looking at achieving, and how we can help.

Step 2.
We Get To Work

Leave the rest to us. We get to work drafting your script, designing your storyboards, managing your content, and bringing your story to life.

Step 3.
Count The Views

That’s it. We hand over your finished video, and you’re ready to go. Publish it, get it live, and just sit back and see where it takes you.

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We’ve answered your most commonly asked questions

Thanks to a creative team that boasts creative flair and diverse expertise, WeMOV offers a broad range of corporate video production services to Melbourne-based clients. This support sees us work with businesses spanning all sizes and industries to plan, film and edit every conceivable sort of video, including:

  • Profile videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Training videos
  • Advertising / promotional videos
  • Social media videos
  • Client testimonials
  • Animations
  • Live streams
  • Virtual Reality (VR) 

You can find out more about our video production services by clicking here.

And our talents don’t begin and end with video production! Our team also supports clients with additional services ranging from graphic design, to photography, to podcasting.

Because there are different considerations involved with the production of any video, there is no cookie-cutter method for production.

But while a different approach is required to ensure the specific requirements of any project are met, the full service video production process at WeMOV can generally be divided into three phases:


We commonly refer to this as the ‘discovery phase’, as this is when we work with clients to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of the overall vision, key audiences, and reasons for making the video in the first place.

This understanding helps us make the most insightful suggestions when it comes to video type, style, tone, and the elements that should be incorporated. In turn, this will inform the development of the script, content outline, storyboards and style frames, as well as decisions about crew, talent and locations.

This phase also covers planning, including things like the creation of a production timeline, call sheets and applying for any necessary permits.


At this stage all raw footage is shot, and other creative elements such as photography, voiceover and animation are captured, sourced or created. This part of the process might happen across numerous locations, including your business premises, external sites, or WeMOV’s studio, (that’s incidentally fully-equipped with the latest lighting, sound and camera technology!)

Our team will work with crew and talent throughout the planning stages and on shooting days, always remaining on-hand to make sure footage is captured in the most impactful way possible.


Here, we bring together all live action, voice over, music and animated components to create the highest quality and most impressive end result. Our skilful editors and animators will create an initial edit which will be presented to you for feedback. From here, the team will work with you to make any necessary tweaks and ensure your finished video reflects your vision.

This varies from client to client, and from project to project. Our expert writers, producers, videographers, editors and animators are used to working with clients in a variety of different ways, from the very hands-on to the completely hands-off.

Driven by a strong vision or passion, previous experience, or a curiosity about the video production process, some clients want to be involved in all aspects of the process.

And the truth is, the more collaboratively our team works with a client – particularly during the initial  planning and feedback / fine-tuning stages – the quicker a finished product that aligns with their initial vision can be developed.

Often, clients are busy performing their day-to-day roles and don’t have too much time to dedicate to being involved with the video production process. These clients tend to step aside after the initial pre-production conversation, once we have developed a clear understanding of their vision and objectives.

From here, we’ll manage all aspects of the process and will endeavour to provide regular updates to keep you informed about our progress throughout.

This really depends on whether you would like to, and whether you have the resources and expertise in-house to do so.

Obviously, your people will have the strongest understanding of your business and its story, which is a great starting point to at least develop an initial draft.

However, this is by no means a definite requirement. With professional script writers a key part of our team, we know what an effective script looks like and have the experience necessary to effectively tell the story of a business in the most impactful way.

However involved you decide to be in the script writing process, our people can provide their professional input around style and tone, engaging intros, well-written scripted elements, and a strong call-to-action.

As a standard, all clients will receive their finalised videos in the form of 1080p MP4 video files. These types of file are usually preferable due to their high quality at a smaller size, and the fact they are appropriate for uploading to popular online video sharing platforms including YouTube and Vimeo.

However, sometimes alternative file types are more appropriate, particularly if the video is primarily for use on social media. Just let us know in advance and we’ll be happy to send you the final versions in any format you need.

You do! Once you’ve provided feedback, reviewed and approved the finished version, and paid your invoice, the video will become your intellectual property. From this point forward, you are entitled to use it for whatever purpose you require.

However, keep in mind that if music was purchased for use specifically in this video, you cannot simply take the track and use it in a different production in the future. That’s because WeMOV’s licensing agreement states purchased music should be used on a project-by-project only basis.

It is possible, however, to pay for the rights to use the same track in future videos, and we are happy to help facilitate this.

This will differ based on the unique requirements of your specific project and what is involved in the production process. As a rough guide you could expect a final edit anywhere from 24-hours to three weeks from the initial briefing, with lengthier time frames involved where there are more complex needs.

It tends to be the timing of the planning and production phases that can vary, while you can usually expect a one-week turnaround from commencement of the edit to presentation of the first draft.

We’ll ask about your deadlines at the start of the project, and do our best to create a production schedule to accommodate. Even where tight turnaround times are involved, we relish a challenge and will do whatever we can to help make it happen.

However, we also know what it takes to get a quality end result, so will be sure to let you know if we don’t believe a timeframe is achievable.

The costs of producing your video will depend on the requirements, complexity and size of the production. A rough estimate for a 180-second video including standard one-day shoot and edit would be around $4,500. Meanwhile, for a 90-second animation you might expect to pay around $3,500.

Thanks to the WeMOV team’s flexibility and creativity, the ultimate cost can also be somewhat guided by your available budget. Let us know what you’re looking for and what you’re hoping to spend, and we’ll come up with a suggested solution to match.

To kick-start the process, get in touch with the team for a no-obligation quote. We’ll ask a few quick questions about what you’re hoping to produce, which should provide enough information to develop an accurate estimate of the likely costs.

This is likely to vary depending on a number of factors including your availability, past experience and comfort level. Sometimes clients are keen to be involved in all aspects of the process, while others are eager to hand all responsibilities over to us.

A certain level of client involvement is usually required during the planning stages. This will ensure we develop a thorough understanding of your budget, story, vision and objectives.

We’ll also ask you to share any relevant visual assets including logos and branding. However, we are equally capable of creating everything from scratch if these types of assets are not available.

At this stage, many clients will opt to step aside and leave the rest to us. Others will want to stay involved and provide their thoughts around elements of the production including scripting, style, tone, talent, music and much more.

Towards the end of the project and once a draft edit has been finalised, we’ll invite you to provide feedback, with tweaks and changes then applied to make sure the finished product perfectly aligns with your vision.

Yes! While some clients prefer to take a more hands-off approach during production, others want to remain actively involved. 

We can give you a glimpse at the basic framing and recording during the shooting days themselves. The full raw footage, however, often needs to be mastered and graded, meaning it is out of line with what the client is expecting. For that reason we usually prefer to show it to you after we’ve had a chance to clean it up.

During post-production we can develop a work-in-progress edit at your request, to give you an idea of how everything’s coming together. Or if you prefer, you can even come and join us in the editing suite where we can talk you through each shot.

To make sure you are completely satisfied with the final version of your video, and that it best reflects your vision, all projects include three rounds of revisions.

On presentation of the first draft, we’ll invite and encourage you to provide your first round of feedback. This should take the form of consolidated feedback, comprising the thoughts of everyone at your end who needs to input or give their approval. We’ll apply this feedback to a second draft, and then repeat the process two more times.

The idea is that the number of requested changes should reduce with each draft edit. Because we work under this assumption when estimating our team’s hours at the beginning of every project, if the number of changes requested turns out to be a lot more than anticipated we’ll contact you to discuss whether extra hours or refined feedback are required

At WeMOV we work with clients on every element of video production. Most often we are involved in all aspects of the process from planning to presentation of the final cut. However, we are occasionally called upon to lend our specialist skills to one specific area, including the edit.

In the modern world, we are all pretty much videographers by default (of varying abilities, of course!) with our smartphones making it easier than ever to capture high quality video content.

Sometimes, all that’s required is a set of expert eyes and a professional edit to transform your home-made footage into something visually impressive and highly engaging

Video Production Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
At WeMOV, we pare back the complexity of video production and help organisations build better relationships with audiences. From large agency campaigns, to a corporate training series, to short social videos about your Top 5 choccy biccies, our streamlined process and agile video solutions make content creation fun, easy, and affordable—just like it should be.

So get in touch, and let’s make it the WeMOV way.

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