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We Make Online Videos is here to accelerate your video production across Brisbane.

From creative development through execution, we produce and deliver stunning video content for online, socials, TV, events, and more. You name it. We can do it.

Video Production

Leave the planning, shooting, editing, and delivering to us. We've got it covered. Our web video production is sure to captivate your audience.


We offer a range of styles, including 2D, 3D, and explainer videos, to suit your specific needs.


Some focus areas include products, lifestyle, interiors, events, sales and marketing materials.

Creative Development

We help craft your message effectively by developing the concept, writing the script, creating a storyboard, and developing an animatic.

Profile Videos

Profile Videos

Animation Videos

Animation Videos

Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

Advertising Videos

Advertising Videos

Training Videos

Training Videos

Additional Services

Additional Services

Compelling Video Production Brisbane Businesses Love

You’ll absolutely love working with our Brisbane video production team. They’re fun and collaborative and take pride in helping businesses like yours to tell their story and craft a compelling video that encapsulates their audiences, allowing them to engage and build strong relationships.

We've worked with the best brands & agencies for over 10 years.

Meet The Team

Our Brisbane team operates like an orchestra, seamlessly working together to bring your video production to life. We have a crew of seasoned professionals with unparalleled creative expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and extensive experience across a variety of projects. Our streamlined video production company process ensures that your video will be a success, from planning to execution.

We Create Video For Any Medium

Company Profiles

Boost your online presence and attract new followers while strengthening relationships with existing ones by creating a personalised profile video that showcases your Brisbane company's values, vision, and offerings.

Our skilled mobile film crews will film the live-action videos at your location and help you through an effortless interview process.

Whether you're advertising a business, product, or project, these marketing videos are an effective way to establish your unique position and stand out in your target audience's eyes.

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Using animations is an excellent way to attract, engage, and retain customers. At WeMOV, we specialise in creating high-quality, fully customised animated videos.

We transform your concepts, products, and services into captivating stories that evoke emotion and capture attention. We offer a wide range of animation styles and aesthetics to suit your business needs. Please don't settle for a video that is boring and uninteresting; make it fun!

With our dazzling animations, you can impress your audience and enhance your brand image with a truly unique video that showcases your branding and style.

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Corporate Video Production

Creating compelling corporate video content can be a challenge when trying to communicate within your organisation or to a broader audience.

Live-action and animated corporate videos, can be powerful tools to ensure that your corporate message effectively reaches your target audience.

We Make Online Videos has a proven track record of helping brands and businesses overcome obstacles, share stories, captivate audiences, influence behaviour, solve problems, foster connections, launch products, instil change, build relationships, gain trust, ignite passions, encourage experimentation and celebrate success.

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In today's fast-paced world, it's crucial to develop fresh and innovative techniques to distinguish your product or service from the competition.

Video is now considered one of the most effective advertising mediums, and it's rapidly becoming the way of the future. Advertising videos are a crucial and influential component of your marketing strategy, not just for large corporations who can create 15 & 30-second video ads these days.

At WeMOV, we make it easy for you to create high-quality, low-cost, and professional video ads without any hassle.

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In today's world, training videos have become an integral part of our daily routine. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your audience engaged when you need to communicate critical information.

WeMOV can help you simplify the training process by providing videos that are tailored to your needs, can be updated easily and are long-lasting. Our team can create training videos that feature on-screen presenters or utilise PowerPoint or slideshows to convey the necessary information.

Creating training videos is a cost-effective and engaging way to develop your team's skills.

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A Queensland Video Production Company

We have production crew members all across Queensland’s top destinations, as well as the east coast of Australia!

Facilities & Services

At WeMOV’s Brisbane studio, you can find production tools that are perfect for your needs.

Our facilities allow for white cyclorama, green screen, and even set builds, and we’re equipped with top-of-the-line LED studio lighting and soundproofing for high-quality audio recording.

In addition, we provide hair & make-up services, parking, and on-site shower and bathroom facilities for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

WeMOV is a full-service Brisbane video production company, offering a wide array of related services to clients across all sectors of business. We have the skills and experience necessary to plan, shoot and edit whatever type of video your brand, business and its marketing campaign demands, including:

  • Profile videos
  • Corporate video
  • Training videos
  • Event videos
  • Advertising / promotional video content
  • Social media videos
  • Client testimonials
  • Music videos
  • Web video production
  • Marketing videos
  • Animations
  • Live streaming
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Video Editing

What’s more, our highly creative team is not limited to providing just video producers. Whether it’s creative or corporate videos, we can also offer support with things like graphic design, podcasting and photography. You get our full team: video production Brisbane-style.

While no two projects are ever the same, and a tailored approach is always required to meet the needs of a specific business, our professional video production can be broken down into three distinct stages:


Essentially, this is the ‘discovery phase’, during which our team will work with you to gain a clear understanding of your vision, target audience and objectives.

This will provide us with the insights needed to make informed recommendations on what your video should look like and include. Building from here, we develop the script or video content outline, storyboards and style frames.

We can also start to make important decisions around crew, talent and locations, as well as managing the administrative side of the planning process, including the development of the production timeline, call sheets and any necessary permit applications.


This is the phase during which all footage and other creative elements are captured and developed. This will usually happen in one of three places – on-site at your premises, out at an external location, or in our professional and fully-equipped studio. We are based in Newstead, which is less than ten minutes from the Brisbane CBD.

We’ll manage all film crew and talent both in the lead-up and on shooting days, ensuring we get everything we need, and all elements are filmed in the best possible way.


From live action footage, to voice overs, to music and to animation, this is the stage where all elements of your video are brought together to create a slick finished high quality product.

Once a first cut has been developed, our highly-skilled team of editors and animators will go through it with you, encouraging any feedback or suggestions.

This fine-tuning process will ensure the final video looks just the way you had envisaged.

The answer to this question is completely up to you! As a video production company based in Brisbane, you can come and meet us face-to-face to discuss your needs. Our team of professional videographers, producers, writers, editors, and animators are happy to work with you in whatever capacity you would like to be involved.

Clients with previous experience in creative and corporate video production, or an interest in learning more about the process, might opt to be hands-on and take a more collaborative approach. Generally, the more a client is involved in the planning and feedback / refining stages, the easier it will be to create a finished product that perfectly aligns with your vision.

However, we are fully aware that creative and corporate video production can be a time consuming process. For that reason, some potential clients may prefer to have an initial conversation with our team that will help us understand their vision and requirements, before stepping back and letting us take it from there.

If this is the case, we strive to ensure clients remain updated with their video’s progress at ever

This is completely up to you. Of course, you and your team understand the nuances of your business better than anyone, so in many ways are in one of the strongest positions to at least kick off a first draft.

However, our team of professional script writers and video producers know exactly what’s needed to make corporate videos that effectively tell the story of your business and create the biggest impact for your marketing campaign. They will ensure consideration is given to the appropriate tone for your brand, and how you want the audience to feel when watching.

They will also ensure the inclusion of essentials, like an engaging intro to hook the audience in, snappy scripted elements, and a clear call-to-action.

For our creative and corporate video production, we usually provide final edits to clients as 1080p MP4 files. This file type is high quality at a reasonable size, and well-suited for upload to online platforms commonly used for video hosting such as YouTube and Vimeo.

However, on request and with ample notice we can provide the final video content in any format you would like. For instance, other file types might be more suitable if the video is primarily to be used on social media.

The simple answer to this question is yes! After your videos have been reviewed and approved by you and the invoice has been paid, they become your intellectual property to use in whatever capacity you would like.

The only thing you can’t do is take any music purchased specifically for that video and use it in a different project. That’s because our licensing agreement dictates that tracks be used only on a per-project basis.

However, if you would like to pay to use the same music in future video productions for consistency, we can arrange this for you.

The length of time needed for different video production will depend on the distinct requirements of each individual project. Depending on what’s involved in the creation of your video you could have a finished product turned around in anything from 24-hours to three weeks, or perhaps longer where more complex needs exist.

For both creative and corporate video production services, while the planning and production phases can vary greatly in the length of time they take, it’s generally about a one-week turnaround from the start of the editing process to the first draft being presented.

From the outset, our producers work with you to understand your deadlines and ensure they remain top-of-mind throughout the process. If you do need a finalised version in a hurry, feel free to let us know!

We thrive to be the leading video production company in Brisbane – and across Australia for that matter, so we love a good challenge. As such, we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your needs. But we’ll also use our expertise to let you know if a specified timeframe is not realistic.

The costs associated with the production of marketing videos, brand videos, and corporate video productions will depend on various factors, including the requirements, complexity and scale of the production.

To give you a rough idea, in Australia a standard one-day shoot and edit for a 180-second video will likely cost somewhere in the region of $4,500, while a 90-second animation could cost around $3,500.

It can also depend on what your budget is. Our video production company prides itself on being flexible and creative, with the ability to offer a recommended solution to match any budget.

Your production shouldn’t be prohibitive. So we make your video content as cost effective as possible. The best starting point would be to give us a call to request a quick, no-obligation quote. Based on a few initial questions, we should be able to offer an accurate indication of what your project is likely to cost.

While some clients actively want to be involved in the video production process, others are seeking to hand over all aspects of the concept development process to an external expert.

Your level of involvement will depend on what you’re comfortable with, as well as what assets, collateral and information you have readily available.

Some involvement is usually required from your side during the very earliest stages of pre-production in order for us to gain an understanding of your story, vision and goals, as well as other factors like budget.

It is also helpful at this stage if certain visual assets such as logos and branding can be provided to our team of producers – although we are able to create everything from scratch where these kinds of assets are unavailable.

Beyond this, some clients prefer to step out and let us handle the rest, while others will remain involved and input into the scripting and other key decisions like style, tone, talent and music.

And once the initial draft edit has been provided towards the end of the process, additional feedback from your side will help us fine-tune the video to ensure you end up with something completely in-line with your initial vision.

Definitely! We’re happy for our clients to be as hands-on or hands-off, in our face or kept at arms length as you like throughout the process.

During production itself we can offer a look at the basic framing and recording on shooting days themselves.

However, because footage captured in its raw form might not be what you’re expecting (it often needs to be mastered and graded), we usually prefer to show it to you once it has been cleaned-up and synced-up by our editors.

Beyond this, in post-production we’re more than happy to develop a work-in-progress version so you can see how it’s all looking.

You’re also welcome to come and sit with us in the editing suite, where we can run through all the shots and talk them through together.

Ultimately, we want to leave you with a video that you’re proud of, and that’s in-line with your initial vision. To make sure we achieve this we offer three rounds of revisions per video as standard.

After a first draft has been presented, you’ll be asked to provide consolidated feedback from all stakeholders that need to be consulted. Once this has been received, we’ll develop a second draft, before repeating this process an additional two times.

Changes should theoretically be reduced with each draft. This is an assumption made as we budget for our team’s hours, so if it seems as though the level of changes required is out of line with our initial expectations, we’ll need to consider whether extra hours or refined feedback are required.

Yes! We can also come up with creative solutions for piecing together your own special footage.

Send us product videos right from your phone, or old 16mm film you found at the back of the company records cabinet.

We can take on the entire process of your video production services, whether it be every stage from the initial planning stage right through to completion, or one specific element.

Because the vast majority of us have the ability to capture high-quality videos thanks to the cameras in our smartphones, there may be existing footage that just requires a slick edit and some professional polish to create something impressive.

Bring your story to life with Brisbane video production.

The goal is simple: bring your story to life and to help your audiences connect with your business through video.

It’s an easy and straightforward process and over the past 10+ years we’ve been developing high-caliber video production Brisbane businesses have come to rely on.

If you’d like to work with us to create engaging video content that your customers love, then do it the WeMOV way, and contact us today.

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