Animation videos grab your attention, focus the brain, and keep you wanting more. They’re short, engaging, dopamine hits of information that get your message across quickly and clearly.


Animation Videos

Animations help you generate, engage, convert and retain customers. And not to toot our own horn, but WeMOV are the experts at making premium 100% custom animated videos. We take your products, ideas, services, and we turn them into compelling narratives that evoke emotion and capture attention. We offer a full variety of animation styles and aesthetics to suit your business. So donʼt settle for a video that’s slow, awkward and tedious—make it fun. Wow your audience with dazzling animation, and boost your profile with a truly unique video packed full of your branding and flair.

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Just like us, animation videos don’t take themselves too seriously. To learn more about our Animation Videos and processes, click and watch the Explainer, Infographic, Software, App, Display & Banners, Storyboards, Style-frames, and Animatic showreel links for a quick overview. Or simply browse some of our favourite client examples.

Our 3-Step Animation Process

Step 1.
Let's Write a Script

This is where your story begins. Most animations follow a standard story structure: introduction, problem, solution, and call-to-action. We ask you to answer a few easy questions, so we can help you craft a story that captures your audience’s attention.

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Step 2.
We Create Storyboards

The WeMOV storyboards are a shot-by-shot rough visual representation of your animation from start to finish. These graphical boards display the main icons, artwork, text, illustrations and images that coincide with your script.

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Step 3.
We Design Style Frames

A WeMOV style frame is a fully designed snapshot of a finished frame as it would look within a longer animation. It aims to capture the overall look and feel of your animation but in a still image.

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Check out some of our client work

“This was my first go at creating an explainer video with an outside agency. From the start, WeMOV were receptive and quick to turn around my feedback. The script, storyboards, voiceover, and the final video came together pretty effortlessly as a result. I’m confident with the work they have produced and my colleagues have also been impressed with the results. I will not only use WeMOV again but will gladly recommend them to anyone needing quality video work created. “

Abraham / Product Manager / Tesltra

we make animations that are on-brand, on-time and on-budget.

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