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We help corporate brands tell stories, solve problems, build relationships, harness passions, inspire audiences, deliver objectives and more.

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Get your message in front of the right people

Create shareable, engaging corporate video content that your audience actually want to watch.

Manage your communications without the headache

Create a full video communication plan, with affordable & efficient content production that always meets your deadlines.

Create a distinct corporate personality that stands out

Corporate doesn’t have to mean stuffy and wooden. If you’re having fun, we’re having fun—it’s as simple as that.

Corporate videos don’t have to be boring—we’ll show you how

The corporate world is changing, and your audiences expect a more personal, conversational communication style. And it’s not just more engaging—adding personality to your videos humanises your organisation, and delivers your message in a more engaging, memorable way.

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We make it easy to create corporate videos that deliver your message & inspire your audience

Tell your story your way, and get your message out there. Whether it’s a short, sharp CEO message to staff, the start of a new advertising campaign, or creating a video that showcases the year you’ve had, our corporate video team has you covered.

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“The team at WeMOV have been fantastic to deal with at all stages of engagement. They are great at understanding our needs and helping to bring our vision for what video can do for our campaigns, to life. “

Alan White / Fundraising Manager / Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

How does it all work?

We produce high-volume, high-quality corporate videos with fast turnaround times. All made possible with streamlined processes, innovative post-production, clear communication and hands-on management of quality standards.

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Easy to follow client briefing & scripting templates

Detailed call-sheets and checklists

Precise forecasting, time-tracking and timeline management

Flexible revision solutions for your project

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Our Proven Corporate Video Production Process

Step 1.
Tell Us Your Vision

Let’s chat. We’ll get to understand your corporate vision, what you’re looking at achieving, and how we can make that happen.

Step 2.
We Get To Work

We get to work drafting your script, designing your storyboards, managing your content, and bringing your organisation’s message to life.

Step 3.
Engage Your Audience

With your new corporate video, you can deliver your message, promote the good you do, and tell your corporate brand’s story.

We deliver fast, affordable and reliable corporate video production.

We’ve answered your most commonly asked questions here...

Depending on what your corporate video requires, we can complete your video in anywhere from 4 weeks to overnight—a bit quicker than the typical corporate turnaround time, huh? We make sure to confirm your deadlines, and what’s achievable for our Melbourne corporate video production team.

On average, a standard corporate video project usually takes around two weeks, from pre-production to a first draft. But if you do need your video content delivered quicker, let us know.

Every Melbourne corporate video production project we undertake is different—so it really depends on what your aims and goals are. Generally, though, the corporate video production process goes in three distinct phases:

  • Pre-production. We work with you to understand your business, your audience, your vision, and then determine the type of corporate video you want to create. This ensures we get all the information we need to create your corporate video outline, and then we can get started in a filming timeline.
  • Production.  We get the ball rolling on your video content. We organise your shoots, shoot your footage, capture your interviews, and start bringing your vision to life.
  • Post-production. Time to get editing. We gather, grade, and edit your footage into a corporate video that delivers your message clearly and succinctly. Our goal here is to get your video so you’re 100% happy with it.

What you can expect to pay for a corporate video in Melbourne all depends on the size and complexity of what you’re looking at. Typically, a full-day video shoot and editing to create a 180-second corporate video will cost around $4,500; a 90-second animated corporate video is likely to be around $3,500.

But that’s just a rough estimate. Get in touch and let’s discuss what you need, and we can provide you with a quick, no obligation quote.

We’re trying to create a clear, concise corporate video for your Melbourne organisation, so our first step is to understand your business’ vision, goal, budget, key messaging, and any necessary brand direction.

If you’ve got any scripts you need us to shoot, or visual assets that are required for your video content, be sure to send this through too. If not, that’s fine too—we’ve got the capacity to create all this for you.

Next steps: we can take it from here.

Sure can! We don’t keep you in the dark. All we ask is that you let us clean it up first, so it actually makes sense. If you need to, you can even come in and watch it through with us, and we can talk through it with you, shot by shot.

Be aware though that this is the ungraded, unfinished product. So the footage may look washed out, the edits may not be confirmed, and the sound might not be synced. It’s a work in progress: think of it like when you’re halfway through a haircut. You can rest assured that our corporate video production team in Melbourne are going to deliver a high quality, visually appealing product; we’ve just got to finish the editing process, sync up the footage, and remove any unnecessary elements.

Typically we export our corporate videos as 1080p MP4 video files. These are high-quality files, at a reasonable file size, that are best suited for online video-hosting platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

But have a chat with us first. We can supply different video formats to best suit the platforms through which your audience will view them, whether it’s your intranet, emails, socials, or something else.

We want you to love your finished corporate video as much as we loved making it. We offer 3 draft rounds per video, as part of your quote, to make sure it’s 100% what you want.

Once our Melbourne corporate video production team has finished your video, it’s been finalised, and you’ve taken care of payment, your corporate video is 100% owned by your business. We’ll get your approval to use it on our website as a case study, but other than that, it’s all yours.

The only exception to this may be the music you use. Based on our licensing agreement, we can only use that specific music track for that individual video. We know this can be difficult for a corporate communication campaign, so if you do plan to use the track in a different video, let us know and we’ll organise this for you.

If you’ve got a grainy, VCR-quality corporate video from the 90s that you absolutely want to re-edit—well, to begin with, we’re 100% on board with that aesthetic. But ultimately, we can take any footage you already have, and edit it together to create a new corporate video for you.