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6 Industry Video Content Marketing Ideas That Anyone Can Use

As video content continues to prove itself as one of the strongest contenders in the online marketing space

…for attracting (and engaging!) internet eyeballs, an ever-increasing number of organisations are starting to consider how they can use video to their advantage and bring their brands to life.

Whether you’ve already discovered how well video projects work for your brand and are looking for new ideas to boost its use, or you’re trying your hand at this type of content marketing for the first time, there are a few sure-fire – and relatively straightforward – ways of using this powerful medium that everyone should consider.


Tips and how-to’s for video content marketing

The best and most engaging type of video content is that which contains real value for the viewer. Basically, think the opposite of the ‘hard sell’! By providing content your audience will find genuinely useful, educational or insightful you can be sure they will be more likely to engage with it, share it and, most importantly, remember it!

So how might you achieve this? Firstly, don’t just tell your customers how useful your product or service, show them via a video guide. This is the ideal way to demonstrate exactly how it can be of value to them, and will provide a less sales-focused means of demonstrating its unique selling points. It’s also a great opportunity to share handy tips that will ensure your audience gets the best out of the product or service once they (hopefully!) start using it.

These sorts of videos could even take the form of Q&A sessions involving your organisational experts, or high-profile ambassadors. And if there are frequently asked questions that often crop up regarding your products, you can safely assume other people will have the same enquiries. So why not ensure you address them in this way? As well as serving to improve understanding of what you do, it will also help to build trust in your brand.


People stories

It’s a known fact that imagery involving people is much more likely to hook people in than simply using graphics or other types of imagery. After all, people’s desire to put a face to something is human nature! Therefore, sharing the stories of people within or who are connected to your organisation is a great strategy for creating thumb-stopping content. As an example, emotive testimonials are a particularly effective means of inspiring support for charities that support people in need.

Consider collecting testimonials (or even short vox pops) from happy customers who will sing your praises thanks to their own positive experiences. You can also humanise your brand, add that all-important ‘personal touch’, build authenticity, and inspire trust by showcasing your team in this way.


Animated infographics

We’re fully aware that we just sang the praises of having real people front and centre of your videos, but hear us out … Another great approach to video content, particularly when breaking down complex or dry topics, or communicating impressive data in a visual and engaging way, is the animated infographic. Not only are these sorts of animated videos likely to attract attention as people scroll, but they are also highly shareable, and communicate complex messages at-a-glance!

Check out some of WeMOV’s infographic highlights by watching this showreel!

Behind the scenes / a day-in-the-life at your premises

Whatever your organisation does, highlighting the processes by which your products or services are made, developed and delivered can help to create a deeper understanding of and emotional connection to your brand.

By nature, we’re all incredibly nosy! So, who wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to have a sneaky look ‘backstage’ at your operations, especially if they’ve been identified as a member of your target audience? This can help ensure customers and potential customers feel a sense of ownership and involvement with your brand, which translates to a stronger connection.

If you have a new product or service launch looming, consider using this approach to share a sneak peak with your audience to create intrigue and generate a buzz.


Live stream an event or meeting

From fun product launches to educational seminars, events can be expensive and time-intensive to organise and run. So why not truly maximise attendance and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth by setting up a live stream? After all, it’s a great way of creating content that is right there for the taking!

In this new era of Zoom we’ve all become accustomed to attending events virtually, so transporting people who can’t be there in person right into the heart of your fun, entertaining, insightful events seems like a no-brainer!

Find out more about WeMOV and live streaming by watching this video:


We’re probably all familiar with them … what starts out to be a video of something pretty nondescript quickly and chaotically builds over seconds or minutes into something big and impressive, all thanks to the magic of video technology! Of course, we’re talking about the time-lapse video.

It’s a great way to demonstrate the sheer scale of an extended project, and just how much time, effort, blood, sweat and tears went into its creation! It’s also a fun and relatively easy way to create a visual impact and demonstrate the sheer scale of an innovation.

Whether you’re a customer-facing brand looking for impactful social media content or business-to-business organisation seeking engaging corporate video production, when done right a high quality video production can form a key pillar of your online marketing strategy. 

The expert team at WeMOV is trusted by brands of all shapes and sizes to offer the best advice around video production Melbourne has to offer! Give us a call to find out what we can do for you!

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