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Online Advertisement Case Study – Gerni

Recently we had the opportunity to work with an international manufacturer and supplier of professional cleaning equipment, Gerni.

They came to us to create a series of online advertisement videos to show all the functions their one vacuum product could do. This includes a blower function, rough clean function, water suction function and power tool function.

We were quite amazed that one vacuum cleaner could so much! So our video strategists came together and brainstormed the best ways to show off all the new functions of the Gerni and what sets it apart.

Below we’ll go over the main challenges our production team experienced as well as how they overcame them in order to create a series of online advertisement videos that later turned into television commercials.

But first, watch one of the final cuts! You can watch the rest of the series on our YouTube channel.

Blower Tool Function Video

Online Advertisement Video Production at WeMOV

Online video advertisements are short and creative and provide you with a fantastic opportunity to engage, inform and entertain your audience.

Main Challenge of this video

Split screen shooting with talent was by far the biggest challenge! We had to shoot everything twice, which meant that we had to be very cautious with framing, our talent’s movements and how the actor reacted and behaved to ‘his own self’ that was superimposed on the other side of the edit.

Shooting in split screen also made it a challenge when working with elements like water and soil, and getting it all in one take!

Luckily we worked with a very talented actor and have a team of highly skilled video production crew who were able to get the shots and make the right edits.




We really enjoyed putting this concept together as it was the first time we filmed for split screen and put a bit of a comedic spin to the content!

How to Create an Online Advertisement Video of Your Own

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