3 Videos for a Business

In this day and age, businesses cannot do without utilising videos as part of their overall business strategy. Almost all industries have proven to find videos as reliable and effective tools that improve employee and customer engagement, which ultimately results in an increased return on investment. Small businesses, especially, benefit from utilising videos as it helps convince customers that your product or service is the best solution when they don’t know that much about you.

There are three types of videos that serve as a go-to for businesses that are just getting started with video content. Let’s discover what they are and how they work.

1. Testimonial Videos

One of the best ways to convince potential customers to trust in your product or service is to let previous ones do the talking! Testimonials have been used for years and still prove to be very effective in convincing new customers to make the leap and choose your business. After all, the first-hand experience of customers best represents how well the product or service will serve potential customers in the future.

To create effective testimonial videos, you first have to make the right choice in choosing long-term and satisfied customers to interview. This way the best experiences are shared. Although video testimonials are essentially direct experiences of customers, you wouldn’t want to make you keep it straight and to the point. It is also important to it conversational, so that it sounds authentic and not scripted.

2. Animated Explainer Videos

If you are just getting started with video production, you should start by making an animated explainer video. It’s simply one that helps visitors or potential customers understand how a service or product works in a fun and creative way. If you’ve never been in front of the camera or spoken over footage by doing a voiceover, this is a great place to start! All you need is to hire some experts around you, create a succinct script and let the creatives around you to work their magic.

3. Company Profile Videos

Among the most effective and straightforward ways to set your company apart from your competitors is by creating a company profile video. As the name suggests, it is generally about your business, vision and goals, team and company culture. Your main goal is to let your viewers learn more about the company, so they can develop trust in your organisation and people.

The homepage or the ‘About Us’ page is a great spot to feature a company video. Here, you can talk more about your team, their tasks, work ethic, passion, and values. There is a good chance that your potential customers may be converted into new ones once they learn how efficiently and effectively your team works together.

A behind-the-scenes company video is another great method to attract prospective clients. People want to connect with people, not brands.

Final Thoughts

For businesses just getting started, it’s always best to choose options that will allow you to both save money and experiment on effective methods before going all-in with extravagant television commercials or a video series.

The three types of business videos listed here have been repeatedly recommended by marketers who have tested and succeeded in utilising them. They offer great power to increase the chances of conversion and in building the reputation of your company. Utilising video will increase your overall reputation, credibility, and trustworthiness.

If you’d like help with getting started on these videos, feel free to reach out!