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How to Leverage Video Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry consistently faces a multitude of challenges in terms of cultivating supportive and positive practices, and handling client’s needs. More often than not, these challenges become tougher as healthcare providers become recognised in their field, with a reputation to uphold.

One effective way to adjust internal and external communications is through business videos that aid not only in reaching the company’s ROI goals, but more importantly, in establishing a strong and clear connection between patients and their healthcare provider.

Below are some of the most important and effective ways you can utilise videos to improve your communications.

1. Internal Training Videos

Health institutions have one of the busiest staff. Therefore, it is difficult to always be on the same page and find time to come together, especially when you are using manuals and seminars to share loads of information to everyone sporadically. This is where video production comes in handy.

Training videos as a form of internal communication is an efficient and effective way to train your staff on your company policies and the various processes they’ll need to follow in order to maintain a consistent service and deliver best practices. These training videos are also reusable and cost-efficient, saving time on redelivering the information every time there is a new inductee.

2. Physician Profile Videos

Before a patient even steps inside a doctor’s office, they usually will research local facilities and practitioners to see who is the best fit for them. Therefore, it is extremely important that physicians have a way to communicate with possible patients and tell them what they are all about in order to convince individuals to go ahead and book an appointment.

Physician profile videos rid patients of the hassle to dig deep and figure out if the doctor is a good fit, and make it easier for them to learn more about their doctors. This also allows physician’s to set themselves a part, personalise their approach and improve the reputation of the clinic.

3. 360 Virtual Reality Tours of Healthcare Facilities

In the healthcare industry, a sure way to sell your facilities to existing and prospective patients is by providing an interactive virtual reality tour of the healthcare facilities. This is especially useful when a patient is interstate or unable to visit in person before booking in.

4. Information Videos for Patients

When patients are seeking medical care, they have already developed some level of anxiety towards their health condition. As a healthcare provider, you want to calm these fears and enlighten them on the ways in which they can cure or treat their condition.

Informational videos can be used to alleviate patient’s worries and show them how certain procedures that you specialise in work. These videos can feature signs and symptoms, home remedy treatments, and ways to prevent health complications. And in actual fact, more than a quarter of internet users seek videos about health and healthcare matters! Recent medical news is also great information to deliver via video to educate your audience.

5. Testimonial Videos

Videos are an excellent medium to deliver a patient’s story in an authentic and real way. Through this medium, you can capture and show the emotion behind the person’s experience and reassure other patients with similar conditions that the healthcare service is a good fit. According to statistics, 31% of testimonial video viewers will almost certainly become a client. Thus, you shouldn’t forget to include testimonial videos on your website or other platforms.

As the healthcare industry is growing and expanding with new technology and players, it is becoming harder to stand out from the crowd. That’s why video is a ‘go to’ for communication.

If you’d like to get started on your own video series, let’s have a chat!