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How to Build Relationships with Video

As most sales people know, building relationships with customers can be very time intensive. After calling, emailing and messaging clients on other platforms, we sometime don’t get a positive response or one at all. Therefore, finding other ways to communicate can be detrimental to building your reach and client base.

That is why incorporating a perfectly crafted video to increase new sign-ups and brand engagement is so important.

One stat that proves people are engaging with video content is that 80% of internet traffic is from people viewing video – that means 8 out of 10 clients are most likely pressing play buttons on the internet!

Besides this being a great tool to increase comprehension of your products and services, it also helps build trust and confidence in your business which is the key to a longterm business relationship.

Here are different kinds of videos you can include in your communication plan:

1. Video testimonials: Nothing builds trust more than other customers speaking well of your business. You can share this type of video on your website or various social platforms for prospects to see. And no doubt you are receiving positive feedback via email or over the phone, but nothing speaks more to others than being able to see the person say something positively via video. A form of a testimonial video for product-based businesses are also video reviews. Allow customers to leave video reviews on your products instead of just text-form reviews.

2. Behind the scenes videos: You can make a video taking your customers through the processes of creating your product or service to develop an understanding of all the hard work involved. Showcase the staff, the building and/or the equipment used to prove the quality behind your business.

3. Product or service demonstrations: This is a little bit similar to the ‘Behind the scenes’ video but while the ‘Behind the scenes’ video focuses on the processes involved in producing your goods, this involves showcasing off what your product does, how to use it and where it is most beneficial to be used.

Here are some tips for incorporating video into your marketing campaign:

Have a simple SEO strategy: Besides making sure to have a solid SEO strategy for your website, also have one for your socials. YouTube is the second largest search engine, therefore having a channel of your own and making the most of using keywords in your video’s title and description can go a long way.

Have a compelling video introduction: This is a very important part of your video as it is what ensures that the customer continues watching. If you’re not sure how to structure your video read this article on drafting an effective script or contact a professional videography team.

Optimise your video for conversions: Your video should create opportunities for your customer to interact with your brand. This can be achieved by the use of a call to action button that allows them to access your website or purchase your product with just the click of a button. You should also ensure that your video is shared at a time that allows for the highest number of views and engagement.

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