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Behind the Scenes – LIFX Videoshoot

To launch LIFX‘s new hi-tech smart light bulb product range, we shot a stunning lifestyle video out of The Block‘s 2016 art deco Port Melbourne apartments.

LIFX created the first wi-fi enabled, multi-coloured LED bulbs, which you can control with a very cool app! These lightbulbs also connect with other techie brands, like Nest, Logitech and Amazon products.

The Products

The three new product LIFX launched are the LIFX A19 LED Light, the LIFX beam and the LIFX tile.

The Location

Finding a space that would be a beautiful backdrop, and would create the right amount of ambiance was top priority when location hunting.

Lucky for us we had the opportunity to book and shoot out of The Block’s 2016 Port Melbourne Apartments; all three abodes sold for $2.25 to $2.6 million!

The grand proportions and high ceilings gave us the space to fit our crew and equipment, and achieve all the right camera angles.

The WeMOV Crew

This videoshoot included Harry as Director, Garth as Producer, Rach as Production manager, Andy as Director of Photography, Nate as the second Cameraman, and few other WeMOV’ers as extra hands on set.

Watch the final video cut below!

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