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5 Great Examples of Powerful Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare is a very technical industry, therefore it is one of the best to use video content in order to communicate detailed and high-level information. Some types of videos that can be leveraged in the healthcare industry are training videos, online advertisements, physician profile videos, testimonials and clinic tours.

Here are 5 impressive healthcare videos created internationally:

1. Bupa Tooth Fairy Animation: With over 1 million views on YouTube, Bupa has carved a name out for itself in the healthcare industry. This film of barely 1 minute really uses the power of storytelling in a fun and unique way, which is not a one-off thing for the company! They frequently churn out compelling content that ends up being massive hits on the internet.

2. Philips Lumify Online Advertisement: Philips developed a product that connects ultrasounds with smart devices, making doctors’ jobs a whole lot easier. This is a great example of a high-quality looking video most likely created using some stock footage, which is a really good strategy to save both time and money in developing content.

3. Dr Hawa Abdi – Vital Voices Animation: This video uses the power of storytelling to show the journey of Dr Hawa Abdi caring for 90,000 people in the community during times of crisis. It is a great example of how connecting visuals to an experience can have an emotional impact on the viewer and can really make them want to learn more about the individual or organisation.

4. Medical Realities 360-degree Surgery: Undergoing a surgery is one of the scariest things a person can go through in life. Medical Realities combines technology with medicine in this video while showcasing how safe their operations are. The 360-degree surgery allows the viewer to watch the surgical process from the surgeon’s and patient’s point of view. This new technology is a great way to engage viewers with your brand, which is proven through the almost 200,000 views on Youtube!

5. New York Presbyterian Hospital Testimonial Video: One of the most effective ways of marketing your healthcare organisation is with the use of testimonial videos, especially when in the form of an actual survivor’s story. The New York Presbyterian Hospital’s patient stories campaign tapped into a gold mine and created a successful marketing campaign. Below is an example that has garnered close to 750,000 views on YouTube.

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