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What You Should Know About Animated Explainers

Animated explainer videos are one of the most effective ways of presenting new information to your audience. They use animation, which can comprise of simple ‘moving text’ visuals, to more complex graphics, animated characters, or even creative and artistic compositions that help get your point through to the viewer.

Why Animated Explainers?

Animated Explainer videos are very easy-to-follow, and they engage the human brain visually and auditorily at the same time, which makes them one of the most effective communicational tools currently available. By opting for an Animated Explainer video to tell your brand’s story, you won’t have to deal with finding talent, moving your crew to specific shooting locations, or hauling over props and sets in order to make a shoot, which makes Animated Explainer videos a very budget-friendly video option. The only talent you will probably need, will be the voiceover artists you will pick out -and that’s it!

History of Animated Explainers

Everyone seems to have realised by now how important Animated Explainer videos can be, when it comes to online advertising. Business giants, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, have all started to offer their clients the option of advertising via Animated Explainer video on their audience’s feed.

For example, Nielsen conducted a study on the value of Facebook video for brands, and the results were stunning: the companies that chose to create video ads on Facebook saw an increase of 33% in brand awareness, a 28% boost in their audience’s purchase intent, and an enhancement of video ad recall of about 27%!

What are the common types of Animated Explainer videos?

The most common Animated Explainer videos have to do with visualising your script’s elements, in order to help the viewers remember them and understand them more clearly. The art and style of your video depends on your brand’s colours, your attitude and your preferred voice. It can range from stick figures on screen, to sophisticated compositions that showcase the interaction of abstract concepts. The intended video duration, along with your own imagination and creativity are the only limits you will face when designing your Animated Explainer video.

Sharing your Animated Explainer videos

Since Animated Explainer videos are usually short and concise, they are perfect for sharing on your company site, as well as on all social media platforms. Even though there are a few things you can do to fine-tune them and optimise them for each particular platform, in general they work very well, regardless of where you choose to share them.

What makes Animated Explainer videos effective?

Do you ever find yourself taking rough notes, or doodling when you want to remember something for later use? Then you probably already know how visual elements and cues can help you remember things more easily, and for a longer period of time. Animated Explainer videos take that idea a step further, by introducing the element of sound into the equation. You could think of Animated Explainer videos as living, breathing infographics. By combining auditory and visual elements to tell your story, you can rest assured that you are engaging your audience in the most effective way possible!

How can I make an Animated Explainer video?

Whether you want to promote your products, or even educate your audience on how to do something by giving them step-by-step instructions, you should reach out to us at WeMOV. We are a video production (Melbourne-based) company, with many successful Animated Explainer videos under our belt. We will be glad to answer any of your questions, and help you create the most powerful Animated Explainer video, to boost your brand’s online presence and increase your sales.

For more information about the simple and straightforward process of creating an Animated Explainer video with us, please feel free to refer to our very thorough article on Everything you need to know about creating an animated explainer with WeMOV.