We take your filmed footage, whether shoot on a video camera or smartphone and enhance the quality, add branded intros, outros, name ribbons, graphics, animation, music and sound effects.

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Shoot It Yourself

Turn your mobile phone footage into a professional production with WeMOV's "Shoot It Yourself" videos. Shooting it yourself is a fast, affordable and an effective way to make your online videos, and an incredibly easy way to generate ongoing recurring video segments, such as weekly or monthly updates for your clients, VLOG updates on your project, and plenty more. At We Make Online Videos, we can take your filmed footage, whether filmed on a video camera or smartphone, and enhance the video and audio with high-end editing, music, and on-screen animated graphics. By recording your video content, you can make more efficient use of time and shoot as regularly as needed, while also keeping your costs down.

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We love seeing our customers thrive and drive engagement with their employees, customers and clients. That is why we have created this SIY User Guide that outlines tips and tricks for filming, lighting, editing, animation, presenting and audio recording. We also recommend equipment that will lift the quality of your videos, plus we outline how partnering with We Make Online Videos, we help you take your videos to the next level! 

Click this link to download your free SIY User Guide.

“We used WeMOV to spice up our month-long virtual conference. Majority of our speakers pre-recorded their presentation using Zoom. Their work far exceeded what we thought was possible and really made us look good. We are still getting compliments for how well-produced our virtual conference was and a big part of that was the production by WeMOV.”

Sharlene Gunatilake / Conference and Events Director / Australasian Institute of Digital Health

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