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Reasons and Ways to Modernise Your Corporate Communication Strategy

Strong communication is the foundation of a successful organisation, therefore having strategies in place that allows teams to collaborate across offices is key.

As a company grows and becomes more widely dispersed, having streamlined communications can become more difficult.

The traditional method of working together via stuffy memos and newsletters is no longer the most cost effective strategy nor the most impactful.

Advancements in technology and the advent of online communication platforms has made this all possible! With the increase of flexibility in the workplace and more employees working remotely, finding ways to pass information on and collaborate together has become more valuable than ever before.

The solution to all these evolvements is video communication.

What are some reasons a company should consider videos as a modernised communication strategy?

1. Video is more visually compelling than reading words on a page.

Since a video enables you to personify your message rather than just state facts, one can bank on active participation and the feeling of connection from employees. Live streaming is one way to bring a widely dispersed team together.

2. Videos can be used as a means of entertainment as well.

Adding creative spins on the content you are delivering can help employees learn and remember faster!

3. Videos are here to stay and can expand your reach.

The second largest internet search engine is YouTube, which is also the largest video sharing platform. Videos on YouTube can have several hundreds of thousands of views – need we say more?

4. The use of mobiles is on the rise.

Video content can be shot and edited in all different kinds of outputs to make it more user-friendly for people on a variety of screen sizes.Now that we have considered why it is important to adapt videos as a communication strategy, we need to understand how it is done.

Ways to Modernise your Corporate Communication Strategy

1. Format and structure of your video

Keep it short and simple. There is a tendency to add elements and extra narratives to a video message but you should avoid it at all cost. It is good to plan what the message is going to say ahead and outline the key points. If you’re struggling to keep it concise, you either need to consider making a second video with your extra points or hire script writers and a video production company that are pros at copywriting.

2. Tone of video

Keep it relatable. Your videos should represent your company culture and embrace how your audience likes to communicate by keeping it relatable and familiar.

3. Choose the correct platform

If you’d like to develop and share internal content with employees, you may want to consider setting up an intranet where you can host your private company videos in one place. Otherwise, social platforms are a great place to publish.

4. Expand your reach

Sharing outbound communications is now extremely easy with social media. Use it to it’s fullest advantage and encourage employees to share your company content with their loved ones, friends, and followers on various social media platforms.

5. Embrace user experience and feedback

Receiving feedback is part of what makes videos so effective. Similar to how it’s done on YouTube, you may want to create a section for comments (either public or private) so that you can take on feedback and respond to enquiries.

Modern companies have begun adopting video into their strategy in order to save time, money and make their team more collaborative. If you’d like help getting started or have a video idea, contact us and let us know what is on your mind!