6 Awesome Company Holiday Video Ideas

As customers and clients are about to pack up and go away over the holidays, now is the time to connect and thank them for their support, as well as leave them with some festive vibes!

Besides your end of the year client gifts, one of the best ways to do this is through a company holiday video.

Take for instance a couple of the videos we’ve created:

Our in-house animators put together a short video that was shared with our clients through a special landing page printed on our hand-delivered holiday gifts.

The response was amazing! People were calling us up raving about the creativity behind the video, and shared it all around the office with their co-workers, friends and family. Our end goal was purely to say thanks to our most-valued clients and add a little cheer to their day – we received back so much more!

With this in mind….

First, here’s what you should NOT do with your company holiday video.

Hard sell – that simple. Instead, share stories and add value.

Also, keep in mind the length of the video. Make it short and snappy.

On that note, here are some examples of the kinds of company holiday videos you could create.

1. A review of all the exciting things that happened during the year

Now is the time to take a look at the past 12 months and share what’s been going on in your company. Most times clients and customer have no idea about that non-profit you raised lots of $$$ for, that team volunteer day you all had, awards you’ve won or the growth you saw. Use this as an opportunity to do a little subtle brag and mention what you have achieved – people want to know!

This can also be a time to share what’s been going on with your users and in the world. Take for instance Facebook’s year in review video:

2. Say thanks!

Saying thank you to all your clients and customers is one of the most important things you can do in building relationships. Recognise their support and pay it forward.

One way you could do a ‘Thank you holiday video’ is by having the team sing a thank you song – the cheesier the better. And Terraaconsultants did just that…

3. Shoot a short film
Why not put your storytelling shoes on and put together a short film? Here’s one from the San Jose Sharks.

4. Share a ‘hot-topic’

Put together a video that gives insights into the industry and where it is going in the upcoming year. What new tools should your clients be focused on using and how should they take it to the next level starting in January? This is the time to talk about those hot-topics and share some ideas.

5. Feature employees and their achievements

Employees are the heart of the company. Have them share some of the important things they experienced over the year to add a personal touch. This could be new additions to their family, buying a home, special experiences overseas, awards they’ve won or a favourite memory from working at your company.

6. Give a tutorial or create a vlog that has a holiday twist

A simple tutorial can be a great way to add some value and share with customers and clients.

Microsoft gave a little tutorial on how to create holiday photo calendars.

If you’d like to create your own holiday video, get in touch!