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Why You Need to Make an Animated Television Commercial

In this day and age when people’s attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish, television commercials need to be able to quickly captivate and engage an audience more than ever.

Recognising this drift in our abilities to focus, businesses now are gravitating towards incorporating animation into their communication strategies in order to increase audience engagement and compel them to positively respond to call to actions.

With this in mind, here are five leading reasons why marketers now opt for an animated television commercial instead of its live action counterpart.

1. Animated TV commercials (TVC) stand out from their competition.

Needless to say, there is a huge demand for video production in today’s market. With this increased demand comes the challenge of standing out from all the noise. Fortunately, animation is ready to lend you its power to help create an ad with a fresh and innovative approach to promoting your organisation.

Animation is able to rejuvenate ideas and give a unique approach in explaining technical information or products and services.

Take Coca-Cola’s animated ads, for example. They are typically centered on the classic theme of ‘happiness’. They have such a common theme, but they always stand out from their competitors like Pepsi because of their distinctive animations. Here is their 2012 polar bear animated ad.

2. Animated television advertisements allow you to create anything imaginable.

In live action ads, there is no way to show a huge wave washing over an entire city or a planet exploding. Yet, you can make them all happen through animation. With animation, you can give your ad the most bizarre special effects in any abstract environment. The result will then be a piece of art that reinforces the image of your brand you are portraying.

Cadbury’s ‘Two best friends’ ad for their dairy milk and oreo combo is a great example. With animation, they were able to humanise the ingredients, tell a story and make the ingredients ‘two best friends’. Have a watch:

3. Animated TV commercials do not suffer the same logistical issues faced by live action TV commercials.

When working on a live action TV commercial, you have to scout and hire talent, find filming locations, obtain work permits and manage an expensive video production crew. These are only a few of the countless hurdles to overcome when developing a live action TV commercial.

On the otherhand, animated TV ads rid you of all these technicalities as there is no need for actors, props, etc. Therefore, it is easier and quicker to make animated TVCs. By searching for a reliable video production company and communicating your idea of your ad, you’ll be well on your way to creating a cool and engaging animated TVC!

4. Animated TV ads are more cost-effective.

While an animated TV commercial requires a marketing budget and a few weeks to build, this does not compare to the expenses and time involved when developing live action ads. An animated video only needs a small group of animation and motion graphic artists who have the ability to make your products or services come to life.

5. Animated TVCs can be turned into multiple media formats.

After you have created an animated TVC the media formats don’t just stop there. You can easily save scenes from your video and turn them into things like GIFs for multiple social media platforms, imagery for media outlet articles, infographics for email newsletters and short videos for your company’s website.

With animation, there is no limit! If you’d like to learn more, check out our Custom Animations page or contact us about your project ideas.