How to Write an Effective Script

An animated explainer video is more than just the creation of some cool-looking animations. There is a story behind the content that is created in order to compel the audience to take action or receive something in return. To have a convincing story, there should be a well-written script that catches the attention and engages viewers.

As with any other business effort, it all starts with knowing your audience. From there, a clear message with a direct call-to-action should be created.

Here are some useful tips to help you write an effective animated explainer script.

Tip #1: Make your explainer script short

The length of your explainer video effects how long your target audience continues to watch. While an engaged viewer mostly stays until the end, a typical internet surfer can hardly finish a 2-minute video, no matter how good it is. Statistics show that only 50% of general viewers watch the entirety of a 2-minute video while 85% completely finish a 30-second one. Therefore, it is key to keep your animated explainer video short, direct, to-the-point, and conveys your message within that limited timeframe.

The ratio between your video and script is around 1:160. This means that for every 1-minute video, there should be a script containing around 160 words. To really keep your audience glued to your story, keep the length of the animated video within up to 90 seconds.

Tip #2: Employ the classic storytelling format

We are all familiar with the beginning, middle and end format that most stories of any genre tell in. This very format is perfect for your animated video script due to its familiarity to audiences. This structure will help them better anticipate the focus and movement of your video, thereby making it easier to get your brand’s message across.

The beginning part involves explaining to the audience the existing problem as well as capturing their attention. The middle part should clearly elaborate on how your service or product solves this problem. Finally, the conclusion should explain why viewers should opt for your service or product instead of your competitors in your niche. The last part is where you get a little bit salesy with a call-to-action and promotion of your brand.

Tip #3: Address your audience’s needs directly

If you want your audience to relate to your video ad straight away, get to your main point quickly by addressing their problems with your product or service as the solution. Remember that what your audience cares most about is the benefit that your product or service can provide. No need to go over every little detail. Just focus on what would make them want to learn more.

Tip #4: Inject some humour into your script

Humour is another great way to keep your audience engaged. With humour that supports your video’s message, you can effectively get your potential customers hooked. However, you should ensure that it is not poorly timed or misplaced as it can be distracting and may look unprofessional depending on your industry. If you are struggling to fit it into your actual script, that is where the animation comes into action!

Tip #5: Clearly state your call-to-action

After every video production, there should be a clear call-to-action in the script that will prompt the audience to access your product, download a file, or share the video – just about anything that encourages them to take a positive action in engaging with your brand. Whatever you want your audience to do, be sure it is direct and clear.

Final Thoughts

Scriptwriting isn’t something that you should approach lightly. Without a solid script, you run the risk of either rewriting the script later when you realise after beginning video developments that it isn’t as impactful as you’d like it to be or find that you are discouraging potential buyers or subscribers through your new video. An excellent explainer needs time, proper attention, and understanding of your audience.

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If you are new to the scriptwriting process and would like assistance, let our video strategists help you with your new video!